Principal Team

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managing director

Lui Garozzo holds a formidable knowledge base in all things “food” in both hospitality and the retail sector. Going straight from school into his family food service business he has learnt the industry from the ground up. His passion for food continues as well as his love for the wholesale food supply industry. Lui offers the care factor about the quality of supply to his customers and is continuously bringing new and better ways to improve the customer offering. Lui has a broad based focus on both Retail and food service distribution so you can rest assured that the guy at the top has your best interest at heart and will do whatever it takes to maintain his company's mantra of “Quality Products, Best Value and above all Great Service”.

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Ray Scicluna - Self-employed for 42 years and in this time has trained 1000’s of people in customer service and how-to manage and build better businesses. Author of “Crossroads and Roundabouts: life is full of choices”, a popular and very sought after consultant and speaker in the business arena. On Ray’s watch as CEO, he is dedicated to improving systems and the overall offering to the Total Food Network customers. Highly motivated and convicted, Ray has created through training, a very unique “can do" team culture. This guarantees to exceed customer expectation and deliver customer satisfaction by creating those “magic moments”. “Ray knows all too well that survival and success depends on the people around you” “Great Service”.

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Rebecca Heilbronn holds a Bachelor of Business and Marketing degree (Bond University). On completion of her degree, she jumped straight into the family business. Rebecca’s sound business stability allows her to continuously search the horizon for new ways of improving the overall product offering to our customers. “Best Value”. Her main goal as TFN’s 2IC is to ensure customer / supply longevity through healthy business relationships by applying her focus on every aspect of productivity for a smooth supply delivery to our customers.