TFN - Bringing Growers Together

PartnerUP - Sales & Logistics Program

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In 2004, four local family growers in Atherton approached Lui Garozzo to take on the operational, management and sale arm of the Atherton Potato Co-operative:

  • A new brushed plant was purchased for the Atherton operations

  • The first JV PartnerUP program was born... TFN & Atherton Growers

  • Large retailers supported the new entity providing supply channels to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Townsville

  • TFN reinvested heavily into their operations to ensure smooth supply.

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TFN is the marketing / sales division for many farmers...

  • Growers who do not have the infrastructure to pack, distribute, manage and sell their crops

Small Growers/Farmers are pulled together in the TFN PartnerUP program

Our integrated PartnerUP/JV programs are innovative:

  • Proven to have a rewarding outcome for all partners over the past 14 years

  • Each involved party do what they do best.

TFN is dedicated to the sale continuity of these farmers products!

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TFN then contracted farm opportunities in S.A. with a JV between Universal Products and TFN

Grower Families - SA 2 and VIC 1 (Thorpdale)

All Families have also made large investments in our S.A. and Brisbane operation to grow this opportunity with Coles

We are ALL Proud of our achievements:

  • 2 x 2500 sqm wash potato sheds

  • 2 x 2500 sqm Onions / Pumpkin packing sheds

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PNG Landowners PartnerUp Program

In 2016 TFN Australia signed a partnership agreement with PNG based FCS & TE landowner group for a 30% shareholding in the total TFN group. TFN Australia, TFN PNG, TFN Port as well as Boroma Piggery

in Port Moresby. It made good sense to align TFN with a PNG in country based food service provider to OK Tedi mine who share a common vision and goal for the future supply of PNG clients.